Hi, Welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Robby, and I go to Stevenson School. The purpose of my e-portfolio is to showcase my work to all of you, my audience. It is to show what I am learning and what I have learned.  It is also so I can or you can evaluate my writing and my work. Lastly, it is used so us as writers can reflect back on our writing and see what we would different if we were going to do it again.  On the sidebar on the right you can visit my teacher’s webpage, Mrs. Gates, and visit other classmates of mine’s webpage. Up on the top on the sidebar you can visit my "Eighth Grade" page. This is where my Eighth grade projects and assignments will be. As a sub page for my "Eighth Grade" you can look at my "English" page where this will just be a specific page of my English work. Toward the right of my “Eighth Grade” page is my “About Me” page. Here you can read about all the things I enjoy and, hobbies, sports I play, music, and much more.  Lastly, to the left of my "About Me" page is my "Seventh Grade" page. Here you can look at everything I did last year. Don’t forget to visit my “Glogster” subpage below the “Language Arts” page. The video is definitely worth watching. If you like or have any helpful tips on my writing, please leave comments so you can help me out. Thanks.